Mr & Mrs Sturdy

Marine and Light Grey is one of our most popular colour combinations, and here we can definitely see why! They work so well together as the dramatic darker units are offset by the pale grey, stopping the Blue from feeling too moody or stifling. Here especially, it was the perfect way to keep the style classic and traditional, while injecting a bit of charm with the deep blue. Our Ingleborough range is an in-frame effect door, a classic shaker style where the beauty really is in those details.

This customer and our designer worked together on this project, cleverly opting for a lighter island unit as well as a clean white quartz to ensure the space wasn’t too heavily affected by a darker colour. The Olympus White Quartz is a striking white with soft rippled veins throughout. There is a lot of variation throughout the piece as they are built for purpose using natural materials and resin. Visually, this means you can receive a gorgeous and unique statement for your countertops, while also benefitting from the practical and durable material for your cooking.

Keeping the walls free in this kitchen space means the room stays totally accessible, and in this open-plan space ensures an uncluttered, and minimalistic feel. It can also keep the cost down, meaning you can afford to splash out on other parts of your kitchen such as top-spec appliances, or an extra special quartz.

Continuing with the shaker style, a traditional Belfast sink is a gorgeous feature to surround your space around. Opposite the sleek venting induction hob, this kitchen pairs the very best aspects of modern and traditional.

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