Brecks Farmhouse

This Kitchens most important aspect was keeping the individualities of the farmhouse features. The customer had grown up in this house and wanted to make sure the kitchen was perfect and represented what they felt was their homes character. The striking cornflour blue brings the space to life! This Farmhouse has quite high ceilings so making sure that the space was kept lively and didn’t feel top heavy was important. The customer changed one of the windows into French doors allowing access straight from the kitchen to the garden which will work seamlessly on a summer’s day. Having a blue kitchen brought so much colour into the room, so finding the correct balance was key so the room didn’t feel crowded. We brought in wood aspects to soften the overall feel, making the space really feel like a traditional farmhouse. White quartz worktops were added which reflect light around the room and brought a modern side to the kitchen. In need of storage? The large pantry with solid oak spice racks on the doors add essential storage to not only store your food but the small appliances that you don’t want out cluttering your worktops. Glass racks were added to the top of the larder to utilize all space available, finished off with warm lighting to brighten up the large pantry space. This kitchen welcomes whoever comes in and works not only beautifully but practically as well.

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